Artist Feature in “Curatorial Vol. 1: Leaders in Contemporary Art”

August 2022 update

I’ve had a number of fellow artists reach out to me to see if the organization behind Curatorial is legit and if the promotion is worth the money. Here’s my honest assessment.

The folks doing the outreach were very friendly, I had a video call with them to make sure they existed, and exchanged several emails before making the deal. I believe they had the best of intentions, but they talked up the exposure element a lot and how many industry connections they had (galleries, museums, record labels, corporations, etc). They never outright promised commissions but it was implied. I paid $400 to have my bio and a few images of my work put in a lovely and rather hefty coffee table book. That’s all. If you want something to show your mom, it’s a cool thing. Too many talented artists to count featured in this volume, but there are so many better ways to spend $400 on self promotion and marketing, in my opinion.

Life has changed drastically since my last update!

I started work as a Content Strategist at Facebook in January which meant uprooting and moving to Silicon Valley. The West Coast is definitely a change of pace from Atlanta, but the California coast undeniably beautiful and the weather in NorCal can’t be beat.

With all the work and life changes over the last two years my art production dwindled, but I’m happy to say it’s back in full swing. I’ve been attending regular figure drawing sessions, classes and general creativity meetups. I was also lucky enough to attend user research sessions in Barcelona and Athens last week, the architecture and culture of which were profoundly inspiring.


I also have some exciting news. I’ve been selected for inclusion in Curatorial Volume. 1: Leaders in Contemporary Art, a global directory of artists that will be distributed to 200+ businesses around the world, including Sony Music, Warner Bros., Universal, Buzzfeed, agencies like Ogilvy and more.

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Rockstar Painting Series Part III: Debbie Harry

After creating David Bowie and Joan Jett in my Rockstar series, I decided that a Debbie Harry painting was the next logical step. I started a few weeks ago sketching it out and doing the first few layers. Then I found a slow weekend and the view of the fall leaves outside the art room window made it perfect for a few sessions.

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Love November in Atlanta.

After spending a total of 14 hours on the piece, I finished her this afternoon. Meet Debbie:

debbie harry, debbie harry painting, blondie painting, sarah kellner art, sarah kellner

“Debbie” 18×24, Acrylic. For sale, email for inquiries.

Felt good getting my brushes back out. Next in the series is Freddie Mercury. Check back for updates and if you haven’t yet, “like” Sarah Kellner Art on Facebook and “follow” me on Twitter!

May 2013 Updates

A lot of updating has been going on my site lately!

If you check out the tabs at the top, you’ll see that I’ve added sections for my resume, writing samples, and I’ve finally updated my different gallery pages.

IMG_20121009_145427-1I’ve got images from SCAD logo projects, figure drawing assignments employing chiaroscuro, and even weird stream-of-consciousness drawings from my Moleskine in the Sketches & Scribbles section. Check them out!

I’ve also got another announcement:

I am no longer a resident artist at gallery1526. My contract has expired and I’ve decided not to renew. However, this means that I can now take a much-needed hiatus from gallery work and commissions to do some more experimenting with mixed media, collage and new subject matter.

Keep an eye out for in-progress images, surveys and summer contests all right here. I’ll also soon be adding an e-Commerce section where you can buy my prints online!

As always, be sure to “like” Sarah Kellner Art on Facebook, and follow me on Twitter!