Rockstar Painting Series Part III: Debbie Harry

After creating David Bowie and Joan Jett in my Rockstar series, I decided that a Debbie Harry painting was the next logical step. I started a few weeks ago sketching it out and doing the first few layers. Then I found a slow weekend and the view of the fall leaves outside the art room window made it perfect for a few sessions.

fall leaves, art room, easel, atlanta artist

Love November in Atlanta.

After spending a total of 14 hours on the piece, I finished her this afternoon. Meet Debbie:

debbie harry, debbie harry painting, blondie painting, sarah kellner art, sarah kellner

“Debbie” 18×24, Acrylic. For sale, email for inquiries.

Felt good getting my brushes back out. Next in the series is Freddie Mercury. Check back for updates and if you haven’t yet, “like” Sarah Kellner Art on Facebook and “follow” me on Twitter!


We Can’t Stop Here, This is Bat Country!

Last week I finished my latest commission for an Atlanta friend. He’s got a 1961 Ford F-100 and when I asked him if it has a name he said, “I just call it ‘the truck.'” When we were talking about painting possibilities, I knew I wanted to paint the truck in some kind of desert sunset scene, but not any ordinary sunset. I wanted it to look like you were driving through the desert on peyote. My friend said he wanted color, so that’s what I did. Here’s the finished piece:

1961 ford f-100, antique truck paintings, antique trucks, Hunter s thompson bat country, psychedelic desert painting, desert sunset painting, bat country painting

“Bat County” 18×24, acrylic.

Since the truck doesn’t have a kitschy name, I didn’t really know what to call the painting. Then I texted a picture of it to my good friend Chris, and he texted back “We can’t stop here, this is Bat Country!” And it was one of those slap-the-forehead moments. Of course! I was channeling some Hunter S. Thompson big time with this piece so I decided to call it “Bat Country.”

If you’re interested in your own Bat Country-esque custom painting, feel free to email me at I can ship anywhere in the United States!